Erica Marquis is a Minnesota-based artist. She is inspired by the raw, natural and handmade. Raised in a Scandinavian heritage, Erica's work is driven by a simple, yet intricate detail.

10+ years in the professional creative industry
Hands-on creative background with extensive experience in the graphic design profession. Specialties include asset branding, print, web design and social media. Experienced in a broad range of industries.
5-second Overview

+ 10+ years of experience within digital creative environments
 + Brand advocate and enthusiast of social media and industry trends
+ Brand experience with Fortune 500 companies and local operations
+ Expert in Adobe Creative Suite software
Creative Skills
+ Adobe Creative Suite
+ Responsive Web Design
+ WordPress / CMS Editing
+ Theme Customization
+ Illustration
+ Painting (Gouache & Oil)
+ Photography
+ Print Production
+ Branding
+ Typography
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