I recently purchased the iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple Pencil. After hours of research, I finally took the plunge. I LOVE them! The technology is fantastic. The resolution and color on the screen comes through crystal clear and the 12.9 size is just right for drawing. I wondered if it would be too big and awkward to handle, but I found the size is just right for doodling, drawing and painting. The 9.7 would be great for on-the-go artists, but drawing on it will feel cramped. The speakers are louder than previous iPads, which I find to be a welcome change when streaming video.
The Pencil is responsive with little to no lag. iPad Pro was designed with palm rejection technology, making it possible to rest your hand on the iPad screen while using Pencil. I have had a few instances where my hand made a mark on the artboard, but it doesn’t happen often. It is sensitive to pressure and tilt and most apps offer many options to customize your brushes, pencils, ink tips, etc.
The donut illustration was created with the Gouache brush in Procreate. This app is amazing! Strokes are painterly with varying amounts of texture and depth. It also captures your drawing progress in video format, which you can export to share online or AirDrop to your devices. Canvas’ can also be exported as high res files including PNG and layered PSD to name a few. Procreate isn’t free, but if you’re looking for a powerful creative app, this is it! (Currently $5.99)
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